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Dirty 30.

17 Jul

Time has been flying by and it’s amazing that i have been home 2 months already.

Though, that said, much has happened in such a short space of time. A giant ball of anxiety and excitement has been tumultuously bubbling away in my insides, ready to spill over into India, into a new business, into a new home, into another decade of life, etc etc etc.

Yes, i am turning 30 at the end of this month, and will be conveniently flying away from this concept that very day on a plane to India.
On the matter of turning 30, i’m not sure i have anything much to say. Nor do i have a response for the multitude of questions regarding my satisfaction levels for the life lived so far. I am what i am, and as i never really gave myself any expectations of where i was going and what i was to achieve, i am neither where i thought i would be, nor where i expected myself to be.

Alls there is to say is that i sure would have regretted NOT doing most of the things i have done.

I may not have a lover, a home, a job or a bank account balance (eeek!), but i guess i don’t have to live with any repercussions of these accumulations either.

I’m a free, excited blank canvas at 30, and that’s about the most i could want to ask for.

And in the meantime, i’ll happily proclaim to be 29 for another 2 weeks, thank-you!