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Writer’s Block? Me?

21 Apr

I’ve been sitting here in front of a blank screen and a flashing cursor for far too long this morning. I just have no idea what to write! I think there are just too many convoluted thoughts racing through my head that i cannot process one and put it down on the page.

Most people say writing helps then to clarify their thoughts. I think i must be the opposite!

The weather’s changing for the better, and lots of other things are changing too. Whether or not they are for the better i think it’s really too soon to tell!

Stay tuned…..


Sex and This City…

5 Apr

It’s become clear to me that the majority of my readers are pretty much only interested in the state of my love life.

And fair enough. Someone’s got to be i suppose. So thanks Keith, for bringing my lack of ability in attracting Frenchmen to my attention.

The truth is, my poor little heart is being pulled in a million different directions at the moment – north, south, what-have-you. It’s very confusing.

But what i will say is that i’m not sure to be so convinced by the sincerity of Frenchmen to date. That’s not to say that they don’t exist, i hope, it’s just to say that i certainly haven’t run into any…. that are sincere and available!

Not least after this weekend’s novelty of being comically and ardently seduced by No Name at a party, whilst at the very same time, spying him asking other women for their number, repeatedly.

C’est comme ca, for the most part of the time.

When i give someone my heart, i give them the whole thing – which isn’t necessarily wise but it certainly prevents me (most of the time!) from putting it into the wrong hands. And so far, the right hands haven’t come along.

But never fear dear reader (Keith),  it doesn’t stop me from putting some of me into the wrong hands occasionally!