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Happy Birthday to me….

29 Aug

Today marks my 1st Anniversary in France! My first French Birthday if you will. It’s an exciting time, and I begin to reflect on all the things that I both have and haven’t achieved since my arrival. The fact that I’m sitting in a cafe, by myself, drinking a kir, and checking my emails on my phone, because I both have no one to drink with, and no money to pay for Internet in my apartment, doesn’t dissuade me from the thought that I am really kicking goals. Go me.

What a picture of success I really am.
A veritable winner.


Post Script…

27 Aug

I completely forgot to mention the hightlight of Keith’s review of my blog!

Apparently, if you type ‘totally unreliable french boy’ into Google, guess who comes up first!?

I wonder how that even came to light? Keith?

I don’t know whether to find that funny, or depressingly sad!

R.E.S.P.E.C.T (find out what it means to me!)

26 Aug

I was out for dinner with No Name last night and the waiter was firing some rather rapid French at me.

I really did understand the first couple of sentences.

He asked me if i wanted a big Kir or a little Kir (strange question, i know).

I told him i wanted a little one. (really!)

I expected the conversation to be finished, with one big fat point to me for getting through it, but then he kept talking!

I had no idea what about, but my eyes must have started to totally freak out, because this is when No Name stepped in.

However, unlike on most occasions where one would either quicken the process by just telling me what he said in English and then answering for me, he actually asked if the waiter could please ask me again but speak to me more slowly.

Simple. But it really meant a lot.

Under the microscope..

25 Aug

Guess what!?

My blog has been reviewed on another blog. Oh the agony of hearing someone discuss the intricacies of my writing and my love life. But the result is great! I’m thrilled!

Check it out here!

I must thank the author profusely for being far too gentle with me….


24 Aug

What is it about French men that gives them an ego big enough to deem every woman, every one that shows them the remotest amount of interest, in love?

It seems in this country that all you have to do is ask someone if they want to go grab a drink, and there your are, head over heels.

I mean really, come on.

I think i could almost go so far as to say that the idea of having a casual relationship with someone in this country would be bordering on the impossible, as the mere suggestion of a social engagement, by a woman, is considered an official declaration of love. And thereby the beginning of the end right there.

I’m imagining the root of the problem lies in the attitude of French women towards accepting dates from men in general. And by all means, correct me if i am wrong, but i do believe they don’t make it easy, and they most certainly don’t ask men out. When they finally agree, it means business.

So. When a friendly, smiling Australian comes along, who just wants to have a damn drink with someone, a simple question turns into a vigorous philosophical debate in the mind of a French man. I can just see how it would play out in their head… “shit, shes asking me to get a drink, i’m not sure if i can. She seems nice, but a drink will lead to dinner, and then she’ll want to meet my parents, and my apartment isn’t big enough for two people to live in, it’s barely big enough for me, and merde, what happens when the baby arrives, where will we fit it? And my job, oh no i really like my job but by with the new apartment and the kid, i’ll just have to look for something else, and the wedding will cost a fortune! I’ll definitely have to cancel the drink.”

As far as i can see, if i am to continue to interact socially with French men, there are two ways to approach this.

The first is to adapt, ie play it like a French girl. Learn the rules of the game and play it with the best of them. The other is to embrace my differences, and try to use it to my advantage. Possibly scare the shit out of a few Frenchmen, but chuckle all the way home.

I know which one sounds more appealing. Do you?

Step back in time

23 Aug

In what can only be described as an aggressive move aimed at liberating myself from the shackles of poverty, I have cut my own hair. And not just a trim either, it’s really a complete restyle. Complete with a fringe and some crazy freestyle layers. The result being, well, different. it’s really a modern day hommage to a combination of rockstar and housewife circa 1983. I say in retrospect.

So if you’re roaming the streets of Paris, and happen upon a half mullet, half mother from a Judy Bloom novel, please, say hi!


16 Aug

Just a few happy snaps of beautiful Biarritz, in our beautiful apartment, and our beautiful beach!!