Writer’s Block? Me?

21 Apr

I’ve been sitting here in front of a blank screen and a flashing cursor for far too long this morning. I just have no idea what to write! I think there are just too many convoluted thoughts racing through my head that i cannot process one and put it down on the page.

Most people say writing helps then to clarify their thoughts. I think i must be the opposite!

The weather’s changing for the better, and lots of other things are changing too. Whether or not they are for the better i think it’s really too soon to tell!

Stay tuned…..


One Response to “Writer’s Block? Me?”

  1. housepoulette April 24, 2012 at 1:31 am #

    Oh I hate writer’s block! Get it way too often. I love when I am so inspired I can’t stop to write. Found this blog because I google “poulette” after someone told me blog title was too obscure, glad I am not alone Poulette!!

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