Fete de la Clementine

14 Jan

Who’d have thought 4kgs of Clementines would feed so many gypsies?

Wandering though the market this morning, i got a hankering for a couple of clementines to eat on the walk home. I was  unaware that, at this time of year, one cannot buy just ‘a couple’ of clementines. And why would you when you can have a kilo for 1 euro anyway?

I wandered around, discreetly looking for the vendor with the plumpest, juiciest fruit on show, but i must have let my guard down and made eye contact (crucial market error). Before i even knew what had happened, the sheer insistence of a particularly industrious saleswoman saw me walking away with 4 kilos of clementines. (Not to mention 5 punnets of strawberries – i’ve no idea what the hell i’m going to do with those). I’m sure i said i didn’t need so many, but she insisted that i did.

I’m not even sure how much i paid the woman, it all happened so quickly that the moment is a bit of a blur. But nevertheless, i set off, still trying to process what had happened, with my 4 kilo bag wondering how the hell i was going to continue to walk in a straight line. The weight of the bag was threatening to pull out my shoulder from the socket.

But alas, it was not for very long that i was breaking under the weight, it seemed i was now a veritable magnet for gypsies. I don’t recall ever even seeing any gypsies along the boulevard Voltaire, but trust me they are there.

And boy do they love clementines.

So much so that they were really pissed off at me when i only offered them one or two each…. apparently their husbands love them, their kids love them and their neighbours love them too.

At least now i don’t have to worry about googling 20 useful recipes for Clementines – i only have 3 left.

And now i know why you can’t just buy two.


2 Responses to “Fete de la Clementine”

  1. Uigei January 14, 2011 at 5:22 pm #

    Uh….No comment

    • Poulette January 14, 2011 at 9:02 pm #

      What… You want one too?

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