Let It Be…

13 Oct

When it comes to linguistic humour, it’s hard to get more amusing than a good dose of Franglais.

Except for, of course, my all time favourite, which is misinterpreted English (unfortunately more and more in short supply).

Oh how i love it in any form – friendly speech, advertising slogans, mixed metaphors, but my favourite by far, is in song.

Whether in a bar with a band, a Saturday night Parisian house party, or, as luck would have it, this evening on the metro – ‘it bring me many joy’.


Now let me leave you with a few lines of The Beatles’ ‘Let It Be’. An original, acoustic arrangement by the non anglophone, smiley, bald guy on the Line 5 this evening.

It truly brought the house (carriage) down, I only hope i can do it justice here on the page.

“When i find myself in times a double, Mother Mary guys to me

Speaking what a wisdom, let it be….

And in the hair the darts come she is satting right become of me,

they’ll be a dancer, let it be…..”


3 Responses to “Let It Be…”

  1. Anna Van Sant October 14, 2010 at 9:30 am #

    I loved encountering French adventures in English. Like their way of appropriating/making up ‘ing’ word in ways we don’t use them (like ‘un smoking’ or ‘un relooking’) which led to the headline “Shooting au Parc Monceau” (photo shoot). Oh, and the time they played Akon’s “I Wanna ‘Love’ You” completely uncensored in the Carrefour Market.

  2. Poulette October 14, 2010 at 10:40 am #

    Ha Anna you just reminded me, inappropriate supermarket songs! They are so good. I was just in the Franprix on the weekend, casually going about my business when i started listening to the song lyrics…

    i have no idea what the song was, and i am no prude, but i suddenly felt a little uncomfortable and was scanning the supermarket for eye contact to get some sort of notification that it wasn’t just me who thought this was a little below the belt…needles to say, no one else noticed. And it was really dirty.

  3. Mand November 7, 2010 at 9:23 am #


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