Cours du soir…evening classes of a different kind.

24 Sep

If your French is as bad as mine, and you are single in Paris, i’m sure you will find it a bit of a challenge getting to know new people at bars. It is certainly not impossible, but the latter contributing factors do create a few hurdles.

I have come up with a little theory though, and believe i have found an excellent way to tell if someone is actually interested in you, or not, straight from the outset. Thus eliminating painful moments spent wondering, and saving your precious time.

It’s quite simple. Speak French.

No matter how bad your French is (and in fact, the worse your French, the better this works) just practice a little bit on your target of the evening – throw in a few giggles, a few ‘comment on dit en francais?’ and just wait to gauge the reaction.

If they switch to speak to you in English after not too long, with little to no regard to your French efforts, then you can pretty much say goodnight.

BUT, if it so happens that they are happy to listen to your French and go as far as to compliment you on how you speak, then ladies you have a player on your hands.

You can be sure that the person in question is interested when they are willing to sit patiently listening to you, taking the time to speak slowly with you, and peppering your confidence with positive reinforcements.

Now a conversation filled with giggles, blushing, patience and many many compliments due to your ‘tres charmant’ accent? Priceless.

You have yourselves a winner.

I would be interested to know if anyone else has thought about this…. and, if there are any males out there…. am i correct?


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