Field of Dreams

7 Sep

I finally dragged my sorry state back to French classes this week.

Regular readers will be well aware of my initial attempt at learning, whereby i’d taken only two classes before they canceled them completely. Not a good sign.

But, i finally worked up the confidence, the energy and the optimism to get involved again.

And second time round, success!!

I realised how much i’d improved over time, and for the first time, i wasn’t the worst in the class!

So now i’m a convert, i love French classes. I’ve paid for 1 month and i’m hoping to be fluent by the end of September. (Joke. but not.) I’ll do my best and see where i get! At the least i’d like to have a semblance of understanding of what anyone is saying to me, ever.

I’m engaged in the job search at present, and that is difficult enough, without the added frustration of not speaking the language.

But, never say never. I’ll try my hardest and see where i get.

PS – perhaps if i just start telling myself that i DO speak French, rather than continually berating myself for being rubbish, i will. (if you build it, they will come type stuff)

All advice welcome!


2 Responses to “Field of Dreams”

  1. M September 10, 2010 at 10:56 am #

    get the Bescherelle. your one stop bible for all verb conjugations.

  2. Poulette September 19, 2010 at 1:55 pm #

    M, merci. I need that book.

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