Summer of love

1 Aug

I am alive, call off the search. It has been a big month, coupled with the fact that i no longer have internet in my apartment. Tricky combination. But it’s Summer in Paris, and the streets are filled with men and women wearing running shoes and fanny packs, not a Frenchman to be found, the market looks like a war zone and worst of all, the boulangerie under my apartment is closed. But i am officially on vacances, which will feel amazing when i wake up on Monday morning to brew my coffee and enjoy it slowly (though without a pain au chocolat, damn boulangerie).

Mr No Name is still hanging in there, however unconventionally, just as a friend, but not just as a friend, if you catch my drift. Although a few other things have been taking my interest of late, and by things i do mean hot Parisian men, and not arts and crafts!

It was my birthday yesterday, and i feel a little change, as if 29 is officially not young anymore, but young enough to still misbehave, so i hope i can explore the possibilities for mischief while i have this month of endless sun and endless time.

I will report back with my findings…


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