Life in the fast lane…

26 Jun

Mes amis, je suis vachement desolee, but i’m here, i’m writing, i’m alive.

What a week. I have been really sick with a virus that i think i must have had for several weeks, but motored through the worst of it all this week. Terrible timing, as Paris Fashion Week has started and so this week was spent not in bed but at work trying desperately to finish our collection (and draw it, and price it and sew buttons on to it) in time for the showroom opening (which was yesterday, and it is finished, and looks wonderful, hallelujah). On top of this, i also moved house this week. All very dure when you can’t keep any food down.

It was one of those weeks when things get so difficult that your mind drifts and you dream of a simple life in the provinces. One without the metro, where there is a husband who, while admittedly a little boring, works hard on the farm and then comes inside to light the fire and cook your meal. Days are free to lie in the sun, reading many books and the newspapers in full, while from time to time tending to the chickens, the vegie garden and the baking of pain d’epices, in various flavours, that you never fail to win an award for each year at the town fair.

Or maybe i have just been watching to many episodes of ‘L’amour est dans le pre’ (French ‘farmer wants a wife’). I think that might be the case. As i can’t really understand what anyone is saying, i just focus on the body language and the scenery and i probably imagine it’s much more exciting than it actually is.

So i have a whole weekend now to relax, recuperate and get myself back together. Tonight my sister returns from Greece for her last weekend in Paris, so it’s a pity that i am totally incapable of functioning like a normal member of society. It is so delightful not to have to do anything for a whole weekend, the thought of going out terrifies me! But, i will make a nice dinner tonight, and hope that makes up for my lack of social enthusiasm. I’ve just now returned from a short expodition down the Rue Mouffetard, where i bought some delicious tomatoes in various shapes and colours, with which i am still deciding whether to make a salad, or a tarte. The cherries look amazing at the moment too so i bought some of those, and a bagful of peche plate (flat peaches, delish).

It’s amazing how different buying fruit and vegetables is in France, compared to in Australia. We really have amazing fresh produce in Australia but the sheer variety and focus on quality here just completely outweighs the merit. This is embarrassing to admit, but i don’t think it ever even occured to me that produce was seasonal at home! I mean, i know of course that berries and melons etc are only for the summer, but because we import so many vegetables, you seem to be able to get whatever you want at any time. That is absolutely not the case here, and my taste buds are all the better off for it. The sheer delight of walking past a fruit stand in the sun here is a pleasure i never want to forget.

So once again, i end this week in the rollercoaster fashion of needing nothing more than to find a way out of the stress of this city, only to be lured back in with the delight that can offer, when you give yourself time to surrender to the pleasure.

And speaking of pleasure, i just ate my peche plate, and it was as delicious as i was hoping!


5 Responses to “Life in the fast lane…”

  1. Melissa June 28, 2010 at 9:55 am #

    I can taste the fruit from here….and those tomates…

    You have certainly been inspired by Lunch in Paris…I can tell!

    M xxx

  2. villy June 28, 2010 at 11:37 am #

    You know what I loved about Paris? Walking past fruit stands and be able to actually smell the fruit like when we were kids. And you are right about Australia, we import a lot of fruit and we don’t necessarily focus on seasonal food. The other day in Safeway I saw seedless lemons. Seedless! Why? And they had no smell. C’était très triste!

    But onto more important things. PFW. I have been reading tfs like a nerd. Are there photos of the collection you worked on online?

  3. Poulette June 28, 2010 at 10:58 pm #

    It’s so hot here at the moment and you can smell fruit wherever you go, it is just amazing. Villy you must be approaching Paris soon, non?

    I think i’m the nerd, i have no idea what tfs is!!

  4. villy June 29, 2010 at 1:24 pm #

    Ouais, en Septembre. I am starting to get really nervous! I will have to start looking for a place soon. I was looking for a while, but was a little confused. I was going to ask you or Liz, how much is a reasonable price to pay for a room when colocating. I don’t know if the 450 euros for a room is per week, or per month. So confusing.

    And tfs is what people call the forums on the fashion spot:

  5. M June 29, 2010 at 1:45 pm #

    so, rooms are getting free in our colocation (2 of us are moving out) and it’s in the 16th. tell me if you’re interested and i’ll send you more details. one room is getting free as of august and one as of september.

    et oui, nous besoin de trouver un jour pour parler français.

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