Open letter to my brain…

16 Jun

I’m sorry. I know that i’ve been doing some crazy shit lately and you are temporarily residing elsewhere me thinks. I don’t blame you so much, you’ve been working very hard and i’m very grateful. I’m sure a vacation would have looked like a nice escape.

But brain, if you’re out there, please come home! This morning, without you, i got up to make some coffee. I filled the little silver thinga-mi-gig (what’s it called again?), put it on the stove, but didn’t put any coffee in. I didn’t even realise until i poured everyone a nice, piping hot cup of dirty water.

Yesterday, i washed my hair, but i accidently used body wash instead of conditioner and it was super frizzy and weird looking all day.

There is more, but i’m scared if i tell you everything you wont ever come home.

I know im a bit of a handful sometimes, but i just don’t work without you.

I’m sorry for over analysing, and i’m sorry for reading too many trashy magazines.

I’ll be gentle i promise, just please come home.

Love me.


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