Astrologically speaking…

31 May

My horoscope for this week….

You will be glad to see the back of Neptune in your opposite sign of Aquarius in 2012, as he has delivered messy situations in your personal life and slippery rivals, opponents or enemies. This cycle, which has been with you for over a decade, has taught you in stages. You will have these important life lessons to lean on over the next seven days, as you need to be sharper, clearer and far more practical about people who have a weak sense of identity, and a strong pull towards you – or your world. Past, present and potential partners may be the culprits, or perhaps there is a rat in the ranks. Remember that ‘No’ can be the most wonderful word in the English language. Use it and mean it.

The Frenchman’s horoscope for this week….

Watch yourself like a hawk at the moment. The clash between your ruler Neptune and Mars is a sharp reminder that you need to be aware of everything you do and say – particularly if it involves fooling other people, or worse, fooling yourself. If you know you have an addictive personality then try to pull back when you feel yourself tempted by situations, places, people or substances which involve losing yourself. There appear to be very few boundaries at the moment, and this is affecting your secrets, your role behind the scenes, your inner life or your time alone. Self-discipline is the answer, as you know too well. It’s a dull solution, but it works. Don’t risk what is so precious.

Totally whack?

I think so.


2 Responses to “Astrologically speaking…”

  1. liz June 1, 2010 at 8:28 pm #

    first off, the candelabra is gorgeous!! love it!!
    as for the horoscopes, they are very telling!! may i ask where u got them from? i like them, and they seem very spot on. with horoscopes, i always find it’s either hit or miss. usually complete junk. but these are actually good ones!! i wanna read mine!! lol so plz do share the source 🙂
    definitely ur horoscope is telling u to STAY away from frenchie!! have u heard from him yet? its for the best if u havent. altho i know just how depressing it is 😦
    wait what is all this about not risking what is so precious? (in the frenchman’s horoscope). basically it’s telling him he needs to not mess around with u anymore….which is good advice i suppose. le sigh. men. why must it all be so complicated?

  2. Poulette June 2, 2010 at 12:04 pm #

    Hey Liz,

    It’s pretty good. And this one would have to be one of the most accurate insights i’ve ever seen. If only meteorology could be as accurate….

    Update to come……

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