A messy mystery…

19 May

Well, it has been a big few days mes amis.

My mum and my sister are visiting at the moment (a full time job in itself) but on top of the tourist life, i have started back at work (tres dure), am looking for an apartment, and have been heavily indulging in the nightlife that this fair city has to offer.

Now i know you want to know what, if anything, is going on with Mr No Name (who in fact now does have a name, yet it seems strange to refer to him as anything but..) and let me tell you that he is really sort of growing on me in a funny way. Rather like a rash (but no scratching an itch pun intended i assure you).

Against my better judgment i decided to give it another go, and we went out last night.

I. Had. A. Really. Good. Time.

Really! His hair is crazy, he spills his wine all over the place (and himself) when he wildly gesticulates in conversation. He is sweaty, he is angry at me when i turn up late, he drops his knife on the floor (constantly) and he argues all my points of view just for the hell of it.

Yet i think i want more. I feel myself so not interested, and then an instant later, i feel like i just want to lunge across the table and jump onto him. I cannot explain it, but either way, i seem to be having a strong reaction. Aside from all of this, it is really just so obvious that he is a genuinely nice person. And he opens the door for me, and pulls out my seat for me.

It’s a very different experience to that of ‘the Frenchman’, who, it should be noted, finally responded to my sms from a week ago when i was out with Mr No Name last night. Do they have sensors for that? And of course the message was exactly as i’d imagined. Why is it that the more mysterious a man attempts to be, the more you just seem to be able to read them like a book.

I can honestly say that i felt like an inferior person when i was with him. And that must have been a real turn on for him eh! He was just so put together, so charming, so handsome, so accomplished. But maybe trying hard to be as well.

And just for the record i haven’t responded 😉

Now my thoughts come back to this crazy, conservative BEAUF who just gets curiouser and curiouser as time goes by.

He is a mystery. A messy mystery…


4 Responses to “A messy mystery…”

  1. Melissa May 20, 2010 at 7:35 am #

    Reading about Mr No Name reminds me of Gerard Depardieu in the movie with Andy Mc Dowell…was it Greencard…when she called him a big OAF?…..there is something attractive about a sweaty man!!!! Weird I know…anyway, no man should be more put together than you..or have longer hair than you. Just a few rules to live your life by!

  2. liz May 20, 2010 at 3:48 pm #

    hahahha melissa’s comment is just too funny. “no man should be more put together than u, or have longer hair than u.” im dying over here. LOL.

    anyways, on to ur post!! i totally didn’t realize u had ur mom and ur sister over visiting! don’t worry about posting right away – us loyal readers will just have to wait! u should enjoy ur time with them and then get back to us when u have a free moment 🙂 (i know how exhausting it is being a tour guide…lol)

    im glad to hear that ur enjoying mystery man! u cracked me up calling him a “beauf”. lol gotta love that word. about the sweaty-ness, i agree there is something attractive about a sweaty man. it’s all the phermones and it’s just so manly. he seems really lively, and like he has a good personality. i totally agree with u – he seems like the exact opposite of ur ex-frenchie – but that’s exactly what u need. a good, genuine, low-key guy. u should TOTALLY ignore ex-frenchie. if u ever get the urge to call or text, just focus ur energy on mystery man. and hey why not keep ur options open? if another frenchie wants to give u his number, might as well take it 😉

    now i need to go watch that gerard depardieu/andy mc dowell movie…never seen it…but sounds like my kinda movie! 🙂 have a great weekend and enjoy ur family xx

  3. villy May 21, 2010 at 3:43 pm #

    Sweaty, clumsy, moody and rather like a rash?! Oooh, sounds promising. I bet if it works out, those won’t be the adjectives you will use to describe him.

    If you are still not having much luck apartment hunting, and don’t already know about it, someone recommended http://www.colocation.fr/homepage.php I have been busy searching for a job and will be using the website for my own colocation in a couple of months. I am so nervous!

  4. Jean-Marie August 23, 2010 at 4:28 am #

    I think you are the funniest Australian lady I have (n)ever met!
    Is it because you are Melbournian? I am still to find a funny girl in Sydney…Any hint???lol

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