I wanna know your name…

13 May

SO i have been back in Paris just over 24 hours and i’ve already lined myself up a date for Saturday. Pat on the back Poulette.

A while ago in a post i mentioned that i’d had a HUGE night out on the town the night before i left for Australia. It was so big i still don’t have the energy to describe it all, but just for the record, it ended with me being escorted home on foot at 7am, after tearing apart an African (Jamaican?) bar in the 2nd, by a man who’s name i cannot remember, and still to this day, do not know. I lost my keys, abused my housemates – when they finally got up let me in (apparently!) and was so sick i was still vomiting in the toilets at the airport the next evening. It was big.

Anyway, next day, mid hangover, i received a text from what i could only guess was the guy that was kind and brave enough to take me home the night before, suggesting he take me out for brunch. At that stage it occured to me that i may have pashed him outside my house. I’m still yet to fact check this one.

I took a rain check on the brunch, and two months later (yesterday) i sent a message to see if he was still up for brunch. He was! So Saturday it is.

Only problem….? I STILL DON’T KNOW HIS NAME!!


4 Responses to “I wanna know your name…”

  1. liz May 14, 2010 at 1:02 am #

    hahhaha i LOVE it!! see this is why i love france. dont worry, ull figure out his name soon enough! maybe try to catch a peek at the name on his CB, or perhaps block ur number and try to get his voicemail and hope he says his name on it. lol.
    anyways, since u were wasted, lets just cross our fingers and hope he’s a hottie 🙂 lol i’ve been there done that way too many times – beer goggles!!! haha. have fun!!!! we expect details!!

  2. villy May 14, 2010 at 6:32 am #

    Well, at least you can say your time back has been eventful…though maybe in the wrong ways. Your first post when you arrived back in Paris reminded me of the first section of Baudelaire’s ‘Le Voyage’ (except, you know, without the death references!), and the whole call to adventure. I guess the trick is to look forward, and not back. I assume when I arrive in Paris, I will be in a state, so I will keep reading your blog to remind myself that it is just a phase.

    And your love adventures make me laugh. Good luck on Saturday with your date. Oh, and personally, I would just attempt to leave your ex in your past if he doesn’t contact you.

  3. Poulette May 14, 2010 at 8:27 am #

    Villy could you have possibly just given me the biggest compliment i have ever received???? What’s funny is that i wrote that ‘Back in Paris’ post when i was so out of it – i just went back and re read and it was honestly like the first time i’d ever seen it. No memory of writing it!

    Well will be sure to let you know what happens tomorrow. We have been doing the text message banter. I think it will be fun, and for the record Liz what i do remember is that he was most definitely NOT a hottie! I remember looking at him, in my drunken stupor and thinking ‘this guy looks like a REALLY nice person’ lol.

  4. liz May 14, 2010 at 11:37 pm #

    LOLLL!!!! ur too funny – u crack me up! dont worry, even if he’s not a hottie, like u said, he might be really nice and cool and either way, at least it gives u something to look forward to (not to mention perhaps a free meal, and introductions to other frenchies :).
    oooh baudelaire le voyage, i think i read that in a senior seminar french class, im gonna have to look back into it – it sounds familiar and something id love to read now. it’s funny that u say u have no memory of writing ur back to paris post – isnt it crazy how it’s like ur in a whole different dazed world when u first arrive??
    hey villy and poulette – once we’re all in paris, we totally need to have a girl’s night out!!! poulette have u been to le six seven, a club off the champs-elysees??? when i was a student in paris (04-06), i would be there every weekend. they have the absolute BEST party ever on friday nights. it’s called “vengeance d’une femme”, aka a woman’s revenge. from like 10:30 – midnight or so, it’s girls only, free entry, and FREE OPEN BAR!! plus – the best part – male strippers!!! haha they put on a funny show – costumes and the whole nine yards. its hilarious and just an amazing girls night. then at midnight, they start letting guys in the club, and by one o’clock the club is packed and amazing. yea we definitely need to go!!! 😀 keep us posted on ur hot date tomorrow!!

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