Back in Paris…

12 May

It’s 3.36pm, and I got in this morning at 6am. I am tired, but I have already got straight back into the swing of the gig. I’ve already, this morning, had my mood spun on a high – breathing in the anonymity of what this city gives me, and then in the same breath been smash in the guts with the realisation that you’re alone in Paris and no body cares.

Such similar experiences yet with such vastly contrasting realities. And that is the rollercoaster of the love affair with Paris. I forgot it for a few moments.

The love started building up when I arrived at the metro, with all my cases, and so many people offered to help me carry my bags – at Gare du Nord, then again at Oberkampf. Walking down the Rue Oberkampf gave me tingles of kooky memories – the beautiful christmas lights that were strung up, the day i couldn’t walk in the snow and slipped into the old man at the tabac, and even the little patch of concrete I saw, where my Frenchman stepped into a huge piece of dog shit (with his right foot, ouch). Even that brought a happy tear to my eye.

But then, after I had walked around the whole of the 1st, 2nd, 3rd, and 11th arrondissements, looking for someone, ANYONE, who could help me get a new sim card with my old number (yes, yes, I lost my SIM, I’m a dickhead) I was awash with a sudden hatred for the people of Paris. The assholes in the Phone house who won’t slow down for you, even though you ask them politely and it’s obvious you don’t understand a word they are saying. And the virgin megastore that I was sent to, well cor blimey – of course I turn up at the only store in Paris that DOESN’T have a mobile phone department. And so on.

I know what you are thinking… yes, I’m jet lagged, yes I’ve been living on easy street for the past few weeks, but in 4 hours of waltzing around the streets of Paris I have fallen in and out of love with it again all over again. I’m sure after I take the nap that I am just about to take, I’ll wake up and be in love again. What gives.

It’s like trying to work out if your tumultuous relationship with something is healthy, or damaging. If Paris was a man, would his inconsistency and arrogance make me crazy until end up hitting him across the head with his cricket bat? Or would his spontaneity and his depth of character just keep stealing my heart over and over? I just don’t know.

Also did I mention it’s bloody FREEZING out there?? (Spring..hello?)


3 Responses to “Back in Paris…”

  1. liz May 13, 2010 at 12:04 am #

    hey poulette! glad to hear that you are back. don’t worry – it’s just jetlag and the shock of it all. i love reading ur blog cuz honestly i feel like im reading my own thoughts. ive been there, done that so many times. — the feeling of excitement at being back in this beautiful country/city, loving being fresh and free, the hustle and bustle of the city, YET ur hit by the realization that ur alone, all alone and noone knows u or cares. ur comfort zone is several time zones away. no matter how excited i am to go to france each time, i ALWAYS inevitably cry myself to sleep that first day. its a given.
    just hold out and be strong – ull get thru it! a good nights sleep will help!
    ill be in france soon, we definitely need to hang out! just remember how amazingly lucky u are to be in fabulous paris!! xoxo

  2. Poulette May 13, 2010 at 10:27 am #

    Liz, maybe it is just jetlag. I woke this morning (just now) feeling like i’ve been hit by a truck. Everything is aching. I think it’s that moment when you realise the romance of something is not the reality. On the up side i didn’t cry myself to sleep last night! Maybe tonight.

    Thanks for the pep talk i do feel a lot better now. I’m off to work today so that should get everything happening again. God i’d love to lie here all day though!!

  3. liz May 14, 2010 at 1:07 am #

    aww i KNOW that feeling as well!! the whole body ache. i always used to just chalk it up to lugging my ENORMOUS suitcases and bookbag, but maybe it *is* jet-lag related. hmmm. interesting point.
    good luck at work!! thatll help u feel better, having stuff to do..

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