Hangover from hell

9 May

Holy cow am I hungover today. I need to get back to Paris just to detox. Had a great night out on the town last night, but it never feels worth it when you’ve got you head in the toilet all day.

To make things worse i had a BBQ tonight to say farewell to relatives and friends for the last time in a while (again) and i just couldn’t even get my act together enough to pour people a drink, let alone drink one!

Talk about a pathetic host! Was so nice to have everyone important in a room together though and it only really kicked in tonight that i won’t see any (most) of these people again for another year or so (until the next visit).

It’s bittersweet saying goodbye. And tonight, it felt like I was being run over by a truck and wrapped in a huge big hug all at the same time.


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