Flight dramas…

24 Apr

Funny story. I got a phone call from Qantas customer service on Wednesday. This worried me, with all the volcano airline dramas the last thing I need is an issue with my flight bank to France. After the very official sounding lady reminded me that our call may be monitored or recorded for training and coaching purposes, she told me that indeed there had been a schedule change to my flight. That is, my flight from Paris back to Melbourne in March 2011! VERY IMPORTANT NEWS, and totally worthy of a phone call to my mobile in amongst all the other pressingly important flight dramas people must be having this week with all major European airports closed.

And you know what the schedule change was? My flight has been moved forward by 5 minutes. 5 minutes people! I mean, quality customer service Qantas, but come on! They couldn’t have just let me know that at the airport when i check in, in March 2011?

I couldn’t let such a moment pass me by though, she sounded so genuinely sorry for the change to my plans that I thought I should make her phone call seem worthwhile. I told her that actually, that schedule change really is quite inconvenient for me, and that frankly, I should be offered some sort of compensation. She didn’t flinch, she apologised profusely on behalf on Air France and offered to file a complaint!

But I couldn’t do it to her, I told her I was only joking and thanked her for the call, she was very efficient. I’m such a pushover.


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