Love lost.

22 Mar

Well, yep, it’s true. My Frenchman said ‘au revoir‘ before i left for Australia. Though it wasn’t the romantic au revoir i had been playing out (a lot) in my head (the one with the airport, the flowers, the tears, the kisses, you know the one).

The way it really played out was not the way i had fantasised about at all! I definitely didn’t expect to be waiting in the freezing cold at the metro for someone to tell me they are not in love with me. But that my friends, is exactly what i got. Though i did accurately predict the tears. Life’s still got it’s upsides, eh?

We walked around for hours, while he told me all about how much he cared about me, and respected me, and wanted to be around me. Mais il ne peut pas avoir la crème et le crèmerie. A crushing blow.

To cut a long story short, he didn’t want to have the pressure of thinking that i might be coming back from Australia to be in Paris for him.

As angry as i was at his arrogance, the one thing it made me do is sit up and start focusing on why i really am in Paris. And though it has been a lovely distraction, this sexiest, most charming man i have ever seen is not the only reason.

There’ll be another man. There ain’t going to be another Paris.


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