17 Mar

Well, i’ve landed in the sunburned country, and managed, already, to be just that.

I sat out in the sun for 5 or 10 minutes to enjoy a jet lagged coffee with my mum (it was me that was jetlagged, the coffee, thank goodness, was fine) and in this inconceivably short amount of time, my arms managed to turn the colour of a lobster! Wow, my it has been a very long time since my little white arms have been exposed to such heat.

I managed to completely write myself off the night before my flight* and ended up sleeping almost the entire 22 hours from Paris to Melbourne, albeit with a little break for the first meal. A lovely flight was had. (Funny that the first meal was able to keep in my stomach all day was consumed while up in the air.)

My prediction however, on the nature of my relationship status was indeed correct. I think perhaps the acute thrill of sunshine is temporarily masquerading my pain.**

But, hear i am (with very sore arms) determined to make the most of a pool in the back garden and a mother who cooks my dinner.

An anxious wait for my new visa, thinly disguised as a holiday in the sun!

*This little outing will most certainly be in need of a new post entirely.

** As above, more details to follow.


2 Responses to “Australia!”

  1. villy March 19, 2010 at 12:00 pm #

    Poulette, I am still reading! I assume that others do but don’t comment out of sheer laziness or shyness. I would comment on each entry, but that would be, well, a bit weird.

    I hope everything works out well regarding your visa, your French boy, your sunburn.

    Also, I couldn’t help but laugh at your entry about finding something on google. I was talking to a Parisienne friend about the first Aboriginal model who recently apeared in Vogue Australia, and how she has been walking at LMFF. She was quite interested in seeing pictures of her, so I told her to google it and she will find her. I was met with the same skepticism.

  2. Poulette March 22, 2010 at 7:36 am #

    Villy – thanks for your comment! People are reading, but must be too lazy to leave their mark!

    My sunburn has improved! Pity you can’t get a cream for the boyfriend or visa situation.

    It’s strange. They hate that word find. Perhaps they just don’t want to believe that if you build it, it will come.

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