It’s In His Kiss.. (that’s where it is)

11 Mar

So, i am getting super excited about my upcoming trip to Australia!

I do however have a terrible feeling that i might find myself ‘sans boyfriend’ before i depart. I have no actual factual evidence to support this, except that which Cher told me. ‘It’s in his Kiss. (that’s where it is, wo..wo..wo)’

If Cher sung it, it must be true. I mean, she also predicted that navy sailors would be wearing leather bondage outfits, and, ahem, i think it’s safe to say she hit the money on that one too.

So, we’ll see. I’m feeling a little insecure at the moment. All i can do is enjoy my last week in Paris, my beautiful city, before i fly off to warm my (single?) bones in the sunny sand of Melbourne.

But something is rotten in the state of Denmark dear readers. Perhaps i need a ‘Sassy Gay Friend‘ to set me straight!



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