Summer Nights

2 Mar

A quick reminisce.                                                                                                       

I spent this year’s Revellion in the hometown of my Frenchman and about 30 of his closest ‘friends’. (I use inverted commas as it was fairly clear that they were no friends of mine. Mais ce comme ca avec the french girls, eh)

No matter how hard i tried – the smiles, the compliments – i just couldn’t crack these girls. They were not interested in getting to know me at all.

That is, until a little bit of musical chance changed everything.

The Grease Megamix.

NEVER have i seen SO many French people SO excited about a song that it turns out absolutely NOBODY knows any of the words to!

I on the other hand, had this one fully covered. I couldn’t have wished for a better lifeline. If i was ever going to make an impact, now was the time.

Wow, was i good. I had never felt more like a celebrity, ever. Circles were formed, drinks were handed to me and cheering was abundant. I was Queen of the dance floor.

Hours were spent the next day recounting the lyrics, bathing in the afterglow, as my French assembly struggled to sing and perform with as much penache as I.

I had won over the Provinciaux’s with my musicality and my charm. My time as ‘the girl who has nothing to offer’ was gone forever.


‘It turned colder, and that’s where it ends….. though i had made some good frie-e-e-nds, then we made our exit somehow….. it’s on to try with the Paris-i-ans now-ow-ow….’


One Response to “Summer Nights”

  1. CW November 26, 2010 at 5:01 pm #

    hah! Completely true and yes it’s like that with French girls. I have been in France for 3 months and have noticed these two things; French women (are like that) and the Greasemagamix (it’s like that) and the abundance of Pharmacies (hypochondria) oui c’est ca!

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